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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.


Social aims of finance

Exploring alternative business forms for durable financial services

15 Jun 2018 at 9:30am

Torino, Italy

eabh in cooperation with Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo

‘The City is too big and socially useless’

said Lord Adair Turner, former chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority in 2009.

That legitimacy question has not gone away since, indeed, if anything it appears to grow stronger. This conference explores how financial institutions have tackled it by developing alternative goals and business forms for durable financial services.


15 JuneModerators:
Lilia Costabile, University of Naples &
Harold James, Princeton University

9:30 Welcome coffee

10:00 Welcome
Francesco Profumo, President of Compagnia di San Paolo
Carmen Hofmann, Secretary General of eabh

10:30 Keynote
Institutional diversity and social inclusion
Rym Ayadi, CASS Business School, City University of London

10:45 Morning Session 1
Between ethics and profit: shaping a coordinated credit network in pre-modern and modern Italy​
Mauro Carboni & Massimo Fornasari, University of Bologna

Keys to financial success for socially oriented banks. Lessons from the public banks of Naples
Lilia Costabile, University of Naples

The Compagnia di San Paolo in Turin. Charity and credit
Claudio Bermond, University of Torino & Fausto Piola Caselli, University of Cassino   

Inclusive business models as unique selling points between past and future
Paul Thomes, RWTH Aachen University

Contemporary history of impact financing
Maximilian Martin, Banque Lombard Odier

12:00 Coffee

12:30 Morning Session 2
Christian religious orders and money: The example of the Observant Franciscan Friars in the 15th Century   
Gianfranco Armando, Secret Archives of the Vatican

Credere, credit and money: how social is risk-sharing in Islamic finance?
Valentino Cattelan, The Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities "Law as Culture" 

Social Entrepreneurship: The Rothschilds as bankers and philanthropists (c.1850-1930) 
Klaus Weber, European University Viadrina 
Frankfurt (Oder) 

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Panel Discussion
How can alternative forms of finance compete?

Moderator: Catherine Schenk, Oxford University

Rym Ayadi, CASS Business School, City University of London
Giovanni Ferri, LUMSA University of Rome
Goran Jeras, eBanka
Maximilian Martin, Banque Lombard Odier
Marco Ratti, Banca Prossima

14:45 Afternoon Session 1
Taking account of the details – A micro perspective on the function of savings banks in early-nineteenth century England
Linda Perriton, University of Sterling & Stuart Henderson, Dublin Institute of Technology

British building societies 1970-2000: the changing conditions for a viable not-for-profit alternative in a financialized economy
Olivier Butzbach, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
The origins of the (cooperative) species: Raiffeisen banking in the Netherlands, 1898-1909
Chris Colvin, Queen’s University Belfast

15:30 Coffee

16:00 Afternoon Session 2
Adapting to a changing world. The Swedish savings banks in the 21st century
Tom Petersson, Uppsala University

The evolution of the social and cultural investments of the Spanish savings banks, 1926-1990: the ‘social and cultural work’
Ángel Pascual Martinez Soto, University of Murcia

Social aspects of the insurance history of mutual assistance in Italy
Gian Savino Pene Vidari & Enrico Genta Ternavasio, Association ‘Amici del Museo di Reale Mutua’

16:45 Closing Remarks

Harold James, Princeton University

17:15 End of Conference


15 Jun 2018 at 9:30am to 17 Jun 2018 at 5:30pm


Collegio Carlo Alberto
Piazza Arbarello 8

Torino, Italy

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