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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

EABH books

Foreign Financial Institutions & National Financial Systems

Frankfurt. 2013

Table of contents

  • French Bankers and Economic Patriotism in the Chinese Port Cities (1880s–1930s) (Hubert Bonin)
  • Making Money: Cotton, Slavery and Finance across the Atlantic 1815–1837 (Kathryn Boodry)
  • Rothschild Investments in Spain 1856–1930 (Miguel A. López-Morell)
  • Foreign Capital in Polish Banking 1918-1939 (Wojciech Morawski)
  • The Determinants of Foreign Banking Activity in Poland during the Interwar Period (Cecylia Leszczyńska)
  • A Banker from Poland: Exploring Józef Toeplitz’s International Connections through his Correspondence (Guido Montanari)
  • Control and Regulation of Capital Flows between Poland and Palestine in the Interwar Period (Jerzy Łazor)
  • Dutch Banking in Overseas Territories: Different  Ways of Entry and Exit (Piet Geljon & Ton de Graaf)
  • Ecological Succession in Foreign Ownership in National Banking Systems (Adrian E. Tschoegl)
  • Foreign Banks in India: Establishment, Operations and Challenges as Reflected from the Records of the Reserve Bank of India (Ashok Kapoor)
  • Reasons for Financial Institutions to Cross Borders: Drawing on Polish Experience (Witold Koziński)
  • History Compared: Austrian Banks’ Internationalisation during the Monarchy and after the Fall of the Iron Curtain (Peter R. Haiss & Reinhard Schwaiger)
  • Border Effects on Local Banking Systems. The Swiss Italian Frontier between the two World Wars (1914-1945) (Enrico Berbenni)
    The Regulation of Foreign Banks in Switzerland (1959–1972) (Thibaud Giddey)
  • Insurance Abroad and Communication with the Home Front: 1850–1940 (Ingrid Elferink)
  • Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region for Canadian Life Insurance Companies in the Early 1990s (Joseph E. Martin)
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