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The Critical Function of History in Banking and Finance

Frankfurt. 2014

The papers gathered in this volume reflect on the importance of the role of history in banking and finance. They offer an opportunity to reflect on the many and multifarious ways in which banking institutions are the products, at the same time, determinants of legal, historical, political, and strategic choices. The papers included dare to ask important questions with no easy answers to them: history matters, but how, where, when and how much needs to be examined very carefully in each and every individual case.

Table of contents

  • Foreign Banking Entry in Cyprus: History Lessons in Strategy. (Alexander Apostolides)
  • Militarisation: A Political Clue to Financial Structures? (Patrice Baubeau)
  • ‘Good’ versus ‘Bad’ Embeddedness: The Case of Bordeaux and of some Italian Regions. (Hubert Bonin & Luciano Segreto)
  • Investment Banking Patterns, 1860-1914: Italy in a European Perspective. (Carlo Brambilla)
  • Resistance through Saving: The Founding of the Bank of Cyprus. (Ersi Demetriadou)
  • The Breakthrough of Commercial Banking in Industrial Finance in Finland (Risto Heralla)
  • Size Matters—Does It? Two very Different Episodes of the Eastward Expansion of Austrian Banks. (Aurel Schubert & Gerhard Kaltenbeck)
  • The National Bank of Romania During World War I: The Influence of the Political and Military Context on its Running. (Nadia Manea & Mihaela Tone)
  • The Advent of Anglo Indian Banking in Calcutta and the Marginalisation of Bengali Compradors, 1770-1850. (Abhik Ray)
  • The North European Model of Early Central Banking: Collateral Policy before the Real Bills Doctrine. (Juha Tarkka)
  • The Political Economy of Monetary Integration in the EU and Implications for Cyprus. (Andreas Theophanous)
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