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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

The latest videos and podcasts from financial practitioners and academics.
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Presentations, conversations and talks from the exciting world of financial history

Images of Finance

Reinhard Frost

How to unlock the potential of your photography collection?

Development Banks

Aldo Musacchio & Daniel Diaz

How well do states’ banks do?

A comparative look on how state owned banks addressed distinct market failures.

Coping with Disasters

Christoph Trebesch

200 years of international official lending: characteristics, occurrence and determinants.

The Rate of Return on Everything

Moritz Schularick

Long run returns on real estate compared to other asset classes (1870-2015).

Institutional Investors

Hugo Bänziger

Professional fund management companies are the most powerful players on global financial markets today: when, how and why this massive structural shift happened.


Caroline Shaw

The company’s archivist presents the  historical trajectory of a unique investment management firm.

Risk Management


eabh experts talk about financial crises in the past and how to avoid them in the future.

Finance & Photography

Adrian Murphy, Patricia Alonso & Elena Serrano

How can organisations unlock the full potential of their photography collections?

This talk looks at the case studies of Europeana and the Bank of Spain.


Spread Your Words!

Stanislaw Gorący and Anna Brzyska

The experts from National Bank of Poland Education and Publishing Department reveal the ingredients for successful in-house publishing.


Open conversations about money and history

The price of War

Willi Mutschler & Carmen Hofmann

What does war cost? Who pays?

A new era of high interest?

Charles Goodhart & Hugo Bänziger

The end of the Great Moderation.

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Mariusz Lukasiewicz & Carmen Hofmann

Financing mining at the JSE

Failing Banks

Emil Verner & Carmen Hofmann

Why do banks fail?

Zombie Currency

Maylis Avaro & Carmen Hofmann

Sterling after 1945

Banking Regulation

Alexander Nützenadel & Carmen Hofmann

How to regulate banks effectively?

image of a helicopter bringing building material

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine?

Volker Berghahn & Carmen Hofmann

The Marshall Plan of 1945 and its relevance today.

Figure holding on to a lightbulb ballon to bridge an abyss

Economic Thought

Edgar Walk & Carmen Hofmann

A practitioner’s view on the history of economic thought.

Figure standing next to a star that has a wound with a plaster

Credit Crisis

Stein Berre, Paul Kosmetatos & Carmen Hofmann

The first global credit crisis! How did policy makers respond?

The Bank of Sicily

Alex Cooper & Carmen Hofmann

Listen to learn why money always circulates.

Man sitting underneath a downwards arrow, in front of a bank note

Mississippi Bubble in Saint Domingue

Malick Ghachem & Carmen Hofmann

Why is money not working for Haiti?

Person freeing herself of bullet chain

Collection of slavery compensation

Mike Anson & Michael Bennett & Carmen Hofmann

Archives & adverse publicity



Foreign Banks in China

Ghassan Moazzin & Carmen Hofmann

Is China coming full circle?

Railroad Bailouts

Gertjan Verdickt & Carmen Hofmann

Are real sector bailouts good public policy in crisis?

Bankhaus Metzler

Andrea Schneider-Braunberger & Carmen Hofmann

An open account of a family banks’ history.

Bank of America

Sarah Quincy & Carmen Hofmann

How to successfully manoeuvre a bank through difficult economic waters?

Image currency on scale

Exchange Rate History

Alain Naef & Carmen Hofmann

Was there a world before inflation targeting?


Moritz Schularick & Carmen Hofmann

New economics of debt & fragility?

The New York Stock Exchange

Hugo Bänziger & Pete Asch

How to build an economy?

How to make a business out of business history?

Anders Sjöman & Carmen Hofmann

How do the Swedes do it?

The Dutch East India Company

Joost Jonker & Gabriella Massaglia

Is it advisable to combine colonial warfare with trade?


Nathan Marcus & Carmen Hofmann

Hyperinflation as a catalyst for transformation?

Currency & War

Kevin Clancy & Carmen Hofmann

Are all wars fought for money?

The Louisiana Purchase

Larry Neal & Carmen Hofmann

A story of empires & war and risk & reward in uncertain times.

The Public Banks of Naples

Lilia Costabile & Carmen Hofmann

Is there good beyond profit?

Gentlemen Bankers

Susie Pak & Carmen Hofmann

What do their private relationships tell us about the business influence of the Morgans?


Carmen Hofmann & Thomas Mayer

A conversation about inflation in historical perspective, and a revolutionary idea.

Culture and Ethics in Finance

Hugo Bänziger & Walter Kielholz

An honest  conversation about conflicts of interest, liability and risk in the financial world.

Banco de Portugal

Carmen Hofmann & Filipe Fernandes

An introduction to  the Bank of Portugal, its archive and modern Portuguese history.

Monetary Unions

Hugo Bänziger & Thomas Mayer

A long view on  monetary unions from the Latin Currency Union to the European Monetary Union of today.

The World Bank Group

Carmen Hofmann & April Miller

A conversation that gives insight into the workings of the World Bank Group and its archive material from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


Sovereign Debt

Carmen Hofmann & Christoph Trebesch

Is there such thing as ‘debt without drama’ or is the worst yet to come? A conversation about sovereign debt in the 21st century.

Helicopter Money

Carmen Hofmann & Donato Masciandaro

Can we find a historical precedent for unprecedented monetary policies in 1630 Venice?

Interest Rates

Carmen Hofmann & Paul Schmelzing

700 years of interest rates. Let’s take a close look at their continuous decline!


Bretton Woods

Hugo Bänziger & Barry Eichengreen

An expert look to the past and the future of the international monetary system.

Who finances the financiers?

Carmen Hofmann & Mario Pisani

Get to know Her Majesty’s Treasury: Its 1000 years history; its relationship with the Bank of England and the important role it plays in a world after the Great Financial Crisis of 2008.

BNP Paribas

Carmen Hofmann & Marie Laperdrix

Discover the apparent and the hidden treasures of one of Europe’s most significant financial archives.


Where is financial history going?

Hugo Bänziger & Harold James

A real long view on the field of financial history. Can we see an anticipation of what is happening now by looking much further to the past?

Fire in London

Carmen Hofmann & Nathan Sussman

In this episode of the eabh podcast we  talk about the Great Fire of London, the rebuilding of the City afterwards, the role of the Corporation of London and in more general terms financial innovations, revolutions and development.


Carmen Hofmann & Andrea Papadia

In episode 3 of Finance & History the eabh podcast we  talk about the slave business, its connection with the financial industry and the case of Brazil.

Risk Management

Hugo Bänziger & Torsten Wegner

Our  experts talk about the development of financial risk management since Bretton Woods, its failures during the Great Financial Crises, how the industry has taken on the complexities of risk since 2008; and what finance could learn from the Apollo Space Mission to the moon…

Debts & Dictators

Carmen Hofmann & Tobias Straumann

In the first episode of Finance & History, we talk  about financial crises, sovereign debt, the complexity of international frameworks and the rise of Hitler.