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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

We bring together financial experts for conferences and workshops.

Making Sense of Finance

How can we learn from the past to reconnect finance with the public?

12 Mar 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

300 years of sense making

It is more than 300 years ago that the very first international financial crisis emerged: the

South Sea Bubble of 1720 that raged through Europe and the world. This crisis generated a

wide public debate about the value and threats of the financial sector and the relationship

between finance and society thus giving a strong impulse to a long tradition of sense

making, i.e. of reflection on the public value of the financial sector. On 12 March 2021 we

will further reflect on the dynamic relationship between finance and society.



Your Archive is an Asset!

Using your heritage as a corporate strategic asset

24 Mar 2021

Stockholm, Sweden

eabh in conversation (on zoom) with Anders Sjöman (Centre for Business History in Stockholm)

Every organization has a history that is unique to itself. When put to proper use, it becomes a strategic asset that companies can leverage for future growth. This is one of the main arguments that the Centre for Business History Stockholm often use, when convincing companies that they should keep their historic materials in a professional archive – and also set aside budgets for it.

Anders Sjöman, Head of Communication at the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, will explain how they work and share some case examples.

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lunch hour

Easy Monetary Policy

Cure or Curse?

Mar 2021


eabh in cooperation with Allianz Global Investors

Harold James (Princeton University) and Eric Barthalon (Head of Research Allianz SE) will take a long-term perspective on easy monetary policies and their implications.

Post Great Financial Crisis, major central banks have cut rates to, or below zero and have provided unprecedented amounts of liquidity to the system ever since. After first steps to normalise monetary policy, we have seen a renewed round of monetary easing in 2019.  Further, the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 brought back discussions about helicopter money and direct credit to the banking sector.

eabh Annual Meeting

Finance & Migration


10 Jun 2021

Athens, Greece

eabh in cooperation with National Bank of Greece

This conference will look at the relationship between the financial sector and migration – taking a comparative historical view.

We are interested in scholarly work that looks into the relationship between migratory flows and the financial sector.  How were  mass movements of people  financed during chaotic times? How were migrants integrated into the financial systems of the country of their arrival?  Which is the spectrum of agency between private networks, state responsibility and the banks in between?


Call for papers

Archival Workshop

Photography Collections

of (Financial) Companies. Part II

11 Jun 2021

Athens , Greece

eabh in cooperation with National Bank of Greece

This workshop wants to put the spotlight on the photography collections of not exclusively, but mainly financial companies.

Photography collections of corporations are often broad and extensive but very little explored for marketing, research and digital access. This archival workshop aims to discover the contents, importance and use of corporate photography collections of (financial) organisations: Where are these often-extensive collections? How are they used? Which is their use and marketing value for institutors themselves? Which is their value for research beyond financial history (social, political history, etc.)? How can they be made available to a wider audience of scholars and the public eye?

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Archival Workshop

GDPR & Historical Archives


Frankfurt am Main, Germany

eabh in cooperation with the European Central Bank

This workshop aims to look at the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on historical archives, in particular, but not exclusively, in the financial sector.

Since May 2018, the GDPR has set common standards of data protection within the European Union and, to a certain extent, beyond. This regulation received critical acclaim by the public and scholars alike, however not without facing wide criticism for the severity of the changes it requires to implement.

What is new for historical archives under the GDPR regime?

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Archival Workshop

Access, Recovery & Historical Archives

Practical cases and new findings


Valencia, Spain

eabh in cooperation with Banco de España

Summer School

Boom or Bust!

Empowering archivist and economist collaboration


Ottawa, Canada

eabh in cooperation with the Bank of Canada