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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

Archival Workshop

Minting History

Financial history at face value

29 Oct 2019 at 11:00am

London , United Kingdom

eabh in co-operation with The Rothschild Archive

This  workshop is aimed at minting and financial institutions’ archivists, money museum curators and researchers. The extensive archives of mints are a treasure-trove of information often covering extended periods of time. Yet some of these archival treasures are only accessible to a handful of specialists or remain largely unknown to researchers and the public. This workshop aims to present these materials to a wider audience and make them more accessible to interested researchers and scholars.

Since antiquity, apart from serving as means of payment and store of value, coins also served politically and culturally important functions, representing sovereignty and fashioning identities. Private or public mints, acting in tune with economic development and financial innovation, created coinage that itself is a valuable source of social, political and cultural history.

What is the legacy of these mints’ records? What is their relevance today? Can the use of these records raise public awareness of their relevance for the history of money and finance?What is their research potential? Can they contribute to a wider view on the history of money and payment systems?


9.00General Members’ Meeting (GMM) for eabh members only
10.45Welcome Coffee & Registration
11.00 Welcome
Melanie Aspey, The Rothschild Archive
Hugo Bänziger, eabh
11.15 Keynote
Nathan Sussmann, The Graduate Institute Geneva and the Hebrew University
11.45Morning Session
Moderator: Carmen Hofmann, eabh

A numismatic analysis of the Northern Crusader States, and their relationship with Cilician Armenia, Byzantium and Islam, 1098 - 1143
Jack Hanson, Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Money and the empire. Coins in the Kingdom of Naples (1554-1580)
Lilia Costabile, University of Naples Federico II

Mints as financial institutions in Russia, 1650 - 1725
Artem Efimov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow
13.45Afternoon Session
Moderator: Catherine Schenk, University of Oxford

The One Pound Sterling Coin - past, present and future
Kevin Clancy, Royal Mint Museum & Mario Pisani, HM Treasury

The archives of the Paris Mint and their contribution to financial history
Dominique Anterion, Monnaie de Paris

Hunting for treasures: The archives of the Mint of Mexico, the Provincial Houses and the Guanajuato Mint in the XIX Century
Alma Parra, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico
15.00 Exploring The Rothschild Archive
19.00 Reception

The Cavalry and Guards Club
127 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7PX
19.30Moderated dinner talk with Hugo Bänziger and Harold James about current and historical economic and financial developments

* Dress code: Gentlemen should wear a tailored jacket and tie. Ladies are requested to be smartly dressed.


29 Oct 2019 at 11:00am to 10:00pm


The Rothschild Archive at
Rothschild & Co
New Court, St Swithin’s Lane 
London EC4N 8AL

London , United Kingdom

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