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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

Archival Workshop

Appraisal in the digital era

22 Jun 2017 at 10:00am

Paris, France

eabh in cooperation with BNP Paribas and Banque Lombard Odier

This one-day workshop is designed for archivists, records managers and information professionals of financial and public institutions, as well as researchers and users of digital archival material.

The amount of digital records that financial and public organisations produce on a daily basis is monumental.

High quality appraisal policies can offer benefits like accessibility, timely retrieval of crucial documents, contextual understanding and cost savings. But which are the best appraisal policies? And how to implement them?

This workshop will draw on the practical experience of the frontrunners in the field. It is targeted for archivists, records managers, information professionals, researcher and other users of digital archival material.


10.00Coffee reception

Chair: Melanie Aspey (The Rothschild Archive)

Roger Nougaret (BNP Paribas)
Carmen Hofmann (eabh)
10.25Keynote speech

Mike Anson (Bank of England)
10.45Appraisal strategies in central banks

Decommissioning the network drives at the ECB: a pragmatic approach
Maria Luisa Di Biagio (ECB)

Archival appraisal In the Croatian National Bank
Egon Kraljević & Tvrtko Ujević (Croatian National Bank)

Document appraisal at Banco de Portugal
António Gil Matos & Filipe Fernandes (Banco de Portugal)

11.45Appraisal strategies in international organizations

Archival appraisal in a digital context at the HAEU
Samir Musa (Historical Archives of the European Union)

Application of the UNESCO/PERSIST guidelines for the selection of WBG social media content for long-term preservation
Esther Y. Abangma & Paloma Beneito Arias (World Bank Group)

The e-Domec records management policy of the European Commission
Seth van Hooland (Université libre de Bruxelles)

13.45Appraisal strategies in commercial organisations

Redefining the archival strategy at a multinational firm in the digital era
Lourdes Fuentes Hashimoto (Total)

Achmea Holding appraisal policy from the perspective of the adopted maturity model
Vincent Hoolt (Achmea Holding)

Creating a platform for digital appraisal at HSBC
James Mortlock (HSBC)

14.45Record Keeping in the digital age: an introduction to auto-appraisal and auto-classification
Chris Winter (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

15.10Panel discussion: The future of appraisal

Michael Moss (Northumbria University)
Andreas Rauber (Vienna University of Technology)
Ines van Dijk (De Nederlandsche Bank)
Matthias Weber (ECB)

Moderator: Hrvoje Stančić, Zagreb University
16.10End of workshop & Coffee
17.00Architecture tour of BNP Paribas building
17.452017 eabh General Members’ Meeting
20.00Dinner reception at BNP Paribas, 2 place de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris

Dinner welcome
Jacques de Larosière (Honorary Managing Director of IFM and Honorary Governor of Banque de France, Advisor to BNP Paribas Chairman)

Dinner speech
The haute banque and national security
Harold James (Princeton University)


22 Jun 2017 at 10:00am to 4:45pm


BNP Paribas
14 Rue Bergère
75009 Paris

Paris, France

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