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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.


Price Currents, Financial Information and Market Transparency

Web Seminar Programme


Jointly organized by EURHISFIRM and NEHA, this workshop focuses on price currents and other types of public and private price information. What do such publications tell us about the markets they served, the stocks listed, the terms and conditions of trade, and the individual market’s degree of transparency? What do differences across Europe tell us about the character of national markets?

The workshop is intended as a preparation for a full session on these issues at the World Economic History Conference in Paris, 2021.

All meetings will take place via Zoom. Colleagues wishing to attend should send an email to Joost Jonker,, so as to be given the access codes and password for each meeting. 


Seminar 1 Friday 27 November 2020 15.30-17.30

Peter Solar, ‘Prices: Sources, Problems, Solutions’

Tony Moore (University of Reading), ‘The precursors of price currents – mercantile correspondence in the later Middle Ages’

Stephan Köhler (Mannheim University), ‘The price of money. Interest rates in medieval sources: Examples from Tirol 1287-1406’
Seminar 2 Friday 4 December 2020 15.30-17.30

Frans Buelens and Johan Poukens (Antwerp University), ‘Stock exchange regulation, price quotation and the official lists of the stock exchanges of Brussels and Antwerp, 1840-1914’

Jérémy Ducros and Angelo Riva (PSE), ‘Competition and information, the Paris financial center in the 19th century’

Frederic Steinfeld (Goethe University, Frankfurt), ‘The controllability of financial publications: balance manipulation, hidden reserves and dividend smoothing in the German chemical industry around 1900’
Seminar 3 Friday 11 December 2020 15.30-17.30

Angelo Riva (PSE), ‘The Milan and Genoa Stock Exchanges: official and private lists’

Mika Vaihekoski (Turku School of Economics), ‘Revisiting Index Methodology for Thinly Traded Stock Market: the Helsinki Stock Exchange’

TBA: David Chambers or Van Bochove, Gelderblom & Jonker



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