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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

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Inflation, Money, Output

Frankfurt. 2018

The papers collected in this volume reflect on origins of data collection and statistics from an archival perspective. Not all data are the same and it is important to take into consideration by whom they where collected, when and to what purpose when drawing conclusions for research and policy making. A variety of different experts compare their experiences and show novel ways in which these date collections can be used.

Table of contents

  • Origins of Slovak economic statistics: establishment and operation of the Economic Cycle Research Department of the Slovak National Bank. (František Chudják & Andrea Leková)
  • Luncheon, tea and statistics. The development of ‘low-key’ cooperation at the Bank for International Settlements. (Daniel Wirt)
  • The rise and decline of research departments in the Spanish financial institutions, 1930-2015. (José L. García-Ruiz)
  • Fraser: economic data and information preservation project at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (Katrina Stierholz)
  • South-Eastern European monetary and economic statistics from the 19th century to World War II: a first look at the new historic database. What do we learn? (Brindusa Costache, Kalina Dimitrova & Sophia Lazaretou)
  • Experiences from ten years of research on Danish historical monetary and macro-economic statistics (Kim Abildgren)
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