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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.


Finance and Hyperinflation

Special Issue of the Financial History Review

Call for Papers

In concert with the eabh Conference in Budapest, the Financial History Review will consider papers for a special issue on “Historical Perspectives on Finance and Hyperinflation” to be published in 2024.

The editors welcome submissions on topics that link inflation to financial markets and institutions, as well as to monetary policy. Examples include the following:

Causes of hyperinflation: understanding the political, economic, and monetary conditions that led to hyperinflation.

Role of financial institutions: studying the resilience and vulnerability of banking systems and other financial institutions in light of an exogenous monetary shock. 

Impacts of inflation: exploring the broader economic and political repercussions of hyperinflation, including effects on labor markets, wealth distribution, economic growth as well as on election outcomes and government policies.

Investment landscape: improve our understanding of how investors navigate the uncertainties of hyperinflated economies and what strategies prove most effective.

Macroeconomic perspectives: analyze the monetary policies, fiscal responses, and political economies of hyperinflationary crises, such as patterns, causative factors, and potential remedies for hyperinflation.


 Submissions should be original, unpublished works that are not under review at any other journal. The editors offer a fast-track review process for papers on this topic. Complete papers should be submitted directly to the Financial History Review by April 1st and flagged as a special issue submission. There will be no more than one round of revision allowed.


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