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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

We support research into banking, insurance and financial history.

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are members of eabh.

Members recognize their responsibility towards society. Only a well functioning financial sector can help to increase the welfare of nations and people. Accurate archives and accessible record keeping are an indispensable tool to achieve this. These archives provide knowledge of financial history and thus provide insights that help to understand today’s business environment. Leaders should profit from the lessons history provides in order to take competent and effective decisions.

A key task of eabh is to place current challenges of the dynamic financial sector into a historical context. We train historians to work on long-term topics that matter to the management of financial institutions and policymakers.


Archival Legislation for Finance (ALFF) in Europe

We are safeguarding the records of financial institutions which will improve the stability of global financial markets. Authentic and reliable memory systems are needed to understand current crises and to evaluate risks.

For that reason, this project on Archival Legislation for Finance (ALFF) has been started in 2012 with the objective of collecting information about the best practices of financial institutions in building and improving their archives.


Work in progress

Today eabh is focusing on the following topics:

Venture Capital

A comparative historical view



Architecture & Finance

Finance and the way we work and live

Sovereign Debt

Financing Empires

Collaborate with us

Please contact us if you are interested in working together.


We are also pursuing knowledge of:

  1. The Rise and Fall of Financial Centres
  2. History of the World's Securities Regulation
  3. The Evolution of Financial Technology
  4. Banking Archives as a Marketing Tool
  5. Photography Archives
  6. Archives & Disaster

Featured publications

Institutional Investors

The history of professional fund management


Legacy of finance

The legacy of the haute-banque in the world. From the 19th to the 21st century

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