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The Worldwide Legacy of Haute Banque

The Haute Banque, an elite form of private or merchant banking, emerged in France in the early 19th century, reached its peak around 1850-1860 before declining in the early 20th century and almost disappearing in the 1960s-1980s.

This book, which brings together some of the best specialists in the field, examines the legacy of the Haute Banque. How and until when did it influence other banking establishments, through its managers, its practices, and its values? What business lines have these bankers helped to shape, right up to wealth management and asset management of today? What was the resilience of these finance companies? Is there a resurgence in the 21st century of the houses or the spirit of Haute Banque?


Posters in Finance

One Poster: Your story!

UPCOMING: The next eabh bulletin will feature posters from the historical archives, museums or other collections of global financial institutions.
Your are kindly invited to present your favourite poster. Each poster will be accompanied by a one page description of its history and special importance.



Finance & Photography Vol. 2


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Finance & Photography Vol. 1


Architecture & Finance Vol. 3


Social Aims of Finance

Is there good beyond profit?

This publication explores how financial institutions have been founded on aims beyond profit and developed alternative bueisnes goals in order to add value to their services

This compilation rediscovers varieties of credit in financial archives.


History of Financial Institutions

Globalization is not an external force but a result of concrete business decisions made by millions of entrepreneurs and managers across the world. As such, the modern corporation has completely altered the economic landscape; business and finance have shaped the international order of the modern world.

History of Financial Institutions contributes to the analysis of how the modern corporation, business and finance have shaped and keep on shaping our world. In a collection of nine succinct essays, this volume looks at the role of finance in European history from the beginning of the 19th century to the period after the Second World War.

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