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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

Archival Workshop

Inflation, Money, Output

Economic and Financial Data underpinning Analysis and Policy Making


Prague, Czech Republic

Today, financial statistics are of paramount importance. They inform and determine business and investment decisions, policy–making, and shape our expectations for the future.

The purpose of this workshop was to determine which statistics and data are available in the archives of financial institutions, and to identify promising areas for future research.

eabh in cooperation with  the Czech National Bank and the Czech Banking Association.


1330 - 1345Opening
Jakub Kunert, Czech National Bank
Malanie Aspey, The Rothschild Archive
1345 - 1500Origins of Data Collections
Chair: Jakub Kunert, Czech National Bank

Origins of Slovak Economic Statistics
Frántišek Chudják & Andrea Leková, National Bank of Slovakia

Information Collection and Dissemination at BIS
Daniel Wirt, Bank for International Settlements

Rise and Fall of Research Departments in Spanish Financial Institutions José García Ruíz, Universidad Complutense

FRASER: Data preservation Project of the Federal Reserve of St. Louis
Katrina Stierholz, Federal Reserve of St. Louis

1500 - 1515Coffe Break
1515 - 1645New Ways of Using Data Collections
Chair: Piet Clement, Bank for International Settlements

Analysis of Long-Run Historical Data at the Bank of England
Ryland Thomas, Bank of England

Building up Data for French Financial History: The DFIH Papers
Raphaël Hekimian, West Paris University

ASCI: A New Dataset on Italian Banking System
Paolo Piselli, Bank of Italy

Challenges of Multi-country Dataprojects
Brindusa Costache, National Bank of Romania, Kalina Dimitrova, Bulgarian National Bank, Sophia Lazaretou, Bank of Greece

Research on Danish Monetary Statistics
Kim Abildgren, Danmarks Nationalbank

1645 - 1700Concluding Remarks
Aurel Schubert, European Central Bank




Czech National Bank
CNB Congress Centre
Senovážné náměstí 30
115 03 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

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