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The European Association for Banking and Financial History (eabh) e.V.

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eabh maintains a global network of financial professionals and academics

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are members of eabh.


eabh members recognize their responsibility towards society. Only a well functioning financial sector can help to increase the welfare of all.


eabh places current challenges of the financial sector into a historical context. Our historians work on long-term topics that matter to the management of financial institutions and policy makers.


eabh promotes archives. Accurate and accessible records of past activities are the indispensable foundation for a sustainable global financial system.


Our network

eabh circulates sound research and information upon which today’s decision makers can rely.

The legacy of the past continually resurfaces to determine actions in the present and the future. Through eabh membership institutions gain access to a global network of financial history experts who can provide  competent advice.

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Inflation, Money, Output

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Financial Innovation, Regulation and Crises in History

Piet Clement

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The Critical Function of History in Banking and Finance

Studies in Banking and Financial History

Vappu Ikonen

Duncan Ross (eds.)


Austrian Reconstruction and the Collapse of Global Finance, 1921–1931


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Archival Legislation for Finance (ALFF) in Europe

eabh believes that safeguarding the records of financial institutions will improve the protection of global financial stability. Authentic and reliable memory systems are needed to understand current crises and to evaluate risks.

For that reason a project on archival legislation for finance (ALFF) has been started in 2012 with the objective of collecting information about best practices of financial institutions in building and improving their archives.

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Institutional Investors

The history of professional fund management

26 Oct 2018

United Kingdom

Up to the beginning of the 20th century stocks were primarily owned by wealthy private individuals. Now, 100 years later, institutional investors hold almost twice the amount. They have 112trn assets under management (AUMs) compared to the 72,3trn that were held by High-Net-Worth-Individuals in 2016. The ascent of institutional investors as one of the most powerful players on global financial markets today is a highly relevant yet under researched topic.

This conference will ask the question of when, how and why this massive structural shift happened? And which are the consequences for our societies? How can we set policy frameworks today in a way that ensures that these investors will be able to deliver adequate pension payments in the future?

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